As a country, Nigeria is way more complex than seen from an external viewpoint. Being the most populous country in Africa with over 174 millions inhabitants, and the largest economy of the Continent since 2014, Nigeria is more than often referred to as a giant with feet of clay ! The main reason for this are the immense natural resources, particularly oil and minerals, but also agricultural, demographic and cultural. Undermined by scourges such as corruption,  by scourges such as corruption, lack of credibility or ethics in business, and the problem of security render trade, tourism and foreign investment virtually impossible.
Today however, it is still safe to say that the world is listening to Nigeria. Nigeria’s every movements are being scrutinized by surrounding countries. Countries that are patiently awaiting for Nigeria to finally assume its role as a propeller, an engine for regional takeoff… and to fully occupy the position of leader of West Africa.

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